Dec 2015
Bachelor of Computer Application (BCA) Examination
V Semester
Web Designing and Web Technology
Time 3 Hours] - [Max. Marks 40
Note- Attempt any five questions and all questions carry equal marks.

1. Explain the client / server computing model. Differentiate it with distributed computing.
2. Explain the formatting of body section using color and font related features of HTML with suitable
3. What do you mean by home page ? Explain the detailed plan for designing and creating a home page. Explain with suitable examples :
(i) Creating tables using HTML.
(ii) Splitting a Web page into frame using HTML.
What is Navigation tools ? How it can be used in designing of Web page ?
Write JavaScript Code that accept a number from user then display the table of that number. •
4. (a) Write a note on the. utility of having streaming audio and
animations on Websites. How will you insert a song clip in your Web page ? Explain with an example.
(b) Define Cookies. Also explain its advantages and disadvantages.
5. (a) , What is SQL Server ? Describe user management inSQL Server, (b) Write short notes on any
two of the following
(i) Web Hosting (ii) Domain Name Service
(iii) Uploading and Downloading of Data (iv) Web Casting.
6. (a) Differentiate HTML and DHTML.
(b) How data is inserted, retrieved and deleted using a Record set 'object ? Explain with example.
7. (a) Explain "Event Handlers" in Javascript.
(b) Write a program of ASP to insert record of five students (Roll 00., Name, Address, City, Contact no. and at the same time display it on the page.