Dec 2014
Bachelor of Computer Application (BCA). Examination
V Semester
Web Designing and Web Technology
Time 3. Hours] [Max. Marks 40
Note- Solve any two parts from each question. All questions carry equal marks.
1. (a) Explain the concept and working of Client Server and Distributed Computing.
(b) Define HTML. Discuss various tags available in HTML.
(c) Explain how frames and tables are created and managed in HTML with example.
2. (a) Describe Home Page. Explain the detail plan for designing and creating home page.
(b) Write the HTML Code to generate our page with following specification :
(i) Background colour of page should be "Cyan". (ii) Text style should be "Time Mew Roman".
(iii) Text colour should be "red". (iv) Picture in file "pic.jpg" should be included in the page.
(v) The page should be linked to :
Details as "detail.htm". Introduction as "intro-him".
(c) Explain formatting of the body section of a web page using block level, text level and font style.
3. (a) Explain how multimedia features are used in web site designing with suitable example.
(b) Define Javascript. How Javascript embedded in HTML ? Also define how variables are declared in
Java Script.
(c) Discuss event handlers and non script tag in Java Script.
4. (a) Differentiate between HTML, DHTML and XML.
(b) Write short note on the following :
(i) Web Hosting (ii) Web Casting (iii) Domain Name Service (iv) Web Server Selection.
(c) What is SQL Server ? Describe user management in SQL-Server.
5. (a) Define the different objects used in ASP for database connectivity with example.
(b) Explain Cookies and its types. Also discuss their advantage and disadvantages.
(c) Explain SQL insert query in detail.