Dec 2015
Bachelor of Computer Applications (BCA) Examination
V Semester
Time 3 Hours] [Max. Marks 20
Note : Attempt all five questions and all questions carry equal marks. Make appropriate models where applicable and write in legible hand and be specific.
1. Define Entrepreneurship. What are the main functions that an entrepreneur performs in the Indian context.
2. Entrepreneurship means risk taker. Do you agree with the statement ? If `Yes' justify in support, if not then why not ?
There are numerous types of Innovating Entrepreneurs; like Imitative Entrepreneurs, Fabian Entrepreneurs, Drone Entrepreneurs, Solo Operators, Active Partners, Inventors and so on explain any two categories.
3. What are the pre-requisites of an ideal entrepreneur? How these traits
or characteristics can be developed ?
Today, students look for placement, having spent two to six years in Institute or University and do not
explore the hidden talent of entrepreneurship within them. What are the reasons and give your views in
favour or against ?
4. Creating a self-employment means entrepreneurship itself. As an entrepreneur, what are the
methods and procedures to expand your own business ?
While formulation of projects there are many errors that are committed by the entrepreneurs. What are
they and how would you omit them ?
5. Write down any two short notes :
(a) Project formulation - covering ma in aspects.
(b) Working of Break Even Point.
(c) Marwari Community's role in industrial growth.
(d) Difference between an Entrepreneur and a Manager.