December 2014
Bachelor of Computer Application (BCA) Examination
V Semester
Time : 3 Hours [ Max. Marks : 40
Note: All questions are compulsory. All questions carry equal marks.
1. State the characteristics, qualities and pre requisites of Entrepreneurship. OR
Discuss environmental factors affecting Entrepreneurship.
2. Write a detailed note on Institutional Finance and Entrepreneurship. OR
Discuss briefly organization and. performance of Entrepreneurship Skills.
3. State the methods and procedures to 'start and expand one's own business'. OR
Discuss the relationship between Large and Small Enterprises developing ancillary units.
4. How will you analyse Market potentials, capital saving and project costing? Illustrate.
Write notes on the following:
(a) Calculation of BEP
(b) Working Capital Requirement. .
5. Critically evaluate the role of Modern Community 'in industrial Entrepreneurship.
Write notes on the following :
(a) Technical Aspects of Project
(b) Entrepreneurship Growth under Planned Economy.