Dec 2015
Bachelor of Computer Applications. (BCA) Examination
III Semester
(Communication Skills)
Time 3 Hours] [Max. Marks 40
Note : All questions are compulsory. All questions carry equal marks. Draw appropriate model, where
applicable and be specific.
1. What do you understand by Communication ? How communication process takes place ? Explain
with help of a model.
What is Listening ? Why should we listen to others, when others don't listen to us ?
2. There-are numerous barriers in the communication process. How can we overcome these barriers ?
What preparation one should do before appearing in an interview ? Give all dos and don'ts for the
3. What is Kinesics ? How can we use in day-to-day life for animals and children ?
You are going for summer training for six weeks. How would you go about it and give bio-data for the
company ? Give all details in the CV.
4: What are the "rules of five' and 'seven Cs of good communication' ?
Give only CV headings with a covering letter and no details required.
What is Johari Window and TA ? In which window, you would like to place yourself and what type of
transaction you would like to apply in your day to day communication ?
5. What are the essential of a good business letter and explain these essentials of a business letter in
You have been asked to organize a technical seminar for a period of two days for the library and labs.
How would you like to go about it ?